PlayoutReady EDU

All-in-One Playout &
Scheduling Solution

Serves PEG stations, cable-access, high school, & other educational access channels that seek ease of use, flexibility, & low cost. Complete turnkey systems start at $16,995 delivered. Download Brochure (PDF)

PlayoutReady EDU is fast. Instant-access schedule & play capability eliminates need to queue files in advance. Instantly start or schedule-insert any video file from the library that can include 1000's of video clips and programs.

All-in-One System

View library, edit/make schedules & send video from your production or office computers straight to the server over your LAN. Edit any playlist WHILE it is running. Create or edit future schedules on same system while it is running. Ingest video files from any SAN/NAS/server drive on your LAN. Includes on-screen display, jog/shuttle, trim and segment editor for quick mark in/out trimming and segmenting.

Full Power System

EDU is the same server as our commercial version but discounted for educational and peg/cable access facilities. This system works with all 3rd party production/NLE video editors and other devices that render/create MPEG2 video fi les. Any MPEG2 video/audio files you make can be drag and dropped to a folder on the server over any LAN or Internet connection. Our ingest software will also let you send video directly from your production/office machines over your LAN or via removable media directly to the server's library. Server provides for basic clip/trim/segment editing destructively or non-destructively without interrupting playout.

Expandable Hardware

Our standard chassis specification is rated for multi-channel SD or HD playout and encoding, so you can expand and upgrade cards without buying a new system from scratch, just add/change decoder/encoder cards as your needs change!

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