PlayoutReady VM4

All-in-One Playout &
Scheduling Solution

The PlayoutReady VM4 server package supports an open file container/format solution with a wide range of manufacturer video capture/playback cards. Manufacturer boards supported included the Black Magic Decklink series, AJA Corvid series and more. Prices begin at $12,995. Download Brochure (PDF)

The PlayoutReady VM4 server can be licensed (at the time of sale) for any combination of up to 4 channels of play and record and can be field upgraded if your needs change in the future.

Supported Formats

A server can be SD or HD or both and/or upgraded between the two with the choice of boards. Supported boards include: Black Magic Decklink PCI Duo and Quad cards, AJA Corvid series cards including the Corvid 24 4 channel pci-express card, and cards from Matrox, Deltacast and Osprey. Support file formats include: *.MPG, *.MP4 and *.MOV, with future support for MFX and other containers. Includes codec support for dvcpro, mpeg2, mpeg4, AVCintra with AAC, MP2 and PCM audio (H264 available through separate licensing).

Maximum Flexibility

This system works with all 3rd party production/NLE video editors and other devices that render/create video files. Any video/audio files you make can be drag and dropped to a folder on the server over any LAN or Internet connection. Our ingest software will also let you send video directly from your production/office machines over your LAN or via removable media directly to the server's library. Server provides for basic clip/trim/segment editing destructively or non-destructively without interrupting playout.

Expandable Hardware

Our standard chassis specification is rated for multi-channel SD or HD playout and encoding, so you can expand and upgrade cards without buying a new system from scratch, just add/change decoder/encoder cards as your needs change!

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